New Construction

Broadway has been a leader in the installation of HVAC systems in new commercial buildings throughout B.C. and Alberta for more than 55 years. We know how important it is for you to have the most up-to-date and expert advice on hand at this stage of building construction.

Our specialized engineers have the on-the-ground experience and HVAC skills to ensure the right HVAC application is carefully selected during planning–which can lead to radical cost savings now and in the future. We help you to find the optimal balance between systems cost, sustainability objectives, and the ultimate comfort of tenants. Our team works collaboratively with you and your consultants to implement a system that meets the goals of all of your stakeholders.

After designing your system, we pick the very best-suited equipment and manage its installation. We then thoroughly test your HVAC system to ensure that everything runs properly. Due to our role in planned maintenance, we also pay attention to the little details that matter so much later on. We check that there is access to your HVAC system, particularly in areas where components such as mechanical and electrical elements are located. This allows for easy and inexpensive planned maintenance service of your system.

We’ve played a role in literally thousands of projects in B.C. and Alberta. What we’ve provided encompasses:

  • Initial budgeting and scope design for both developers and consultants
  • System design and equipment selection
  • Equipment installation as well as a full start-up procedure and commissioning processes
  • Ongoing planned maintenance and warranty support

Broadway is committed to utilizing evolving technologies and systems through our design staff. This allows us to deliver solutions that ensure you get the very best HVAC system for your building, both now and in the long-term.