IT & Specialty Environments

Broadway has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining precision cooling solutions for information technology (IT) environments. We know how essential it is to your business to have proper HVAC functioning in areas such as server rooms. Installing and maintaining the right HVAC system helps protect your IT investments, keeps your business free from disruptions, and prevents costly damages.

We also provide solutions for specialty environments. When it comes to areas such as research labs or a health care areas, it’s vital to take into account not only the function of the space but also the health and safety requirements. Right sizing your HVAC equipment is essential and we have the hands-on experience in the field to ensure that your space is both a functional and safe place to work.

For both IT and specialty environments, we work closely with your consultants to ensure that the design specifications for a particular application are appropriate for the required function. We then install and start up the equipment to determine that the cooling system operates correctly, results in the desired function, and creates a safe space.

HVAC systems used to maintain specialty environments require special maintenance and testing to ensure ongoing function. Broadway assures proper filter efficiency and installation and also conducts annual inspections to ensure that air changes per hour and correct space pressurization are maintained. We work with you to customize and implement maintenance programs to meet the requirements of your IT or specialty environments.