Our History

Since 1957, Broadway HVAC Solutions has been stationed in Vancouver, servicing our clients in both B.C. and Alberta. Due to our history of providing complete customer satisfaction and long-term solutions, we’ve grown to become one of B.C.’s largest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions companies. For more than five decades, our success has been driven by our long-term client partnerships.

When we first launched in 1957, our founding partners were in the midst of a recession. Even so, they left their jobs and with their entrepreneurial spirit running high, they convinced Canada Safeway to enlist their refrigeration expertise for a plant in Burnaby. The customer relationship that was forged during that job led to more projects. Soon, Broadway had carved out a niche providing refrigeration solutions to grocery stores, followed by meat packing plants and frozen food manufacturers.

During the 1970s, market demands shifted and Broadway adapted to continue to be able to effectively solve client problems. Customers required air conditioning so this rapidly became our main service. The demand for air conditioning continued into the 1980s and our customer list grew. We soon needed larger offices and settled into our space on Venables Street. Many of our employees have been with us long-term and recall the air conditioning boom and the move to our current location.

Both the experience of our employees and their commitment to provide innovative solutions to clients drove further expansion of our business. Technicians were educated and trained in the latest technology and applied it to the realities of the field. When the market demanded a comprehensive range of high-tech HVAC solutions, we began to offer it, and added new services. We provided our clients with solutions for planned maintenance, new construction, design/build assist, retrofit and restoration, as well as design of IT and specialty environments.

Thanks to our customer retention and referrals, Broadway has consistently grown. Though the market and technology have changed, our dedication to complete customer satisfaction and long-term solutions remains. We still have that entrepreneurial spirit and come to work each day to do our best for every client on all of our projects. Our client relationships founded our past and continue to form our future.